1. What is the academic year of the school ?

The academic year is from the month of June to the month of March.

2. What are the school timings ?

The day at Don Bosco begins at 8.55 a.m. and ends at 3.30 p.m.

3. What is the daily schedule ?

The day begins with a short assembly – brief silence,Prayer song, a prayer, thought for the day, newspaper reading, virtue of the month and National Anthem. Every day of the week except on Thursday there is a general assembly in the Hall. Then all children disperse to their classes for a few minutes with the class teacher who helps the class settle down for the day. There are eight learning periods in a day each with duration of 40 minutes. The lunch break is from 12.10 pm to 12.50 pm. The day winds up with children singing the school anthem, a rousing song – that fills the entire Don Bosco family with a sense of oneness and verve.

4. What is expected of the children during the breaks ?

First Break: The first break is from 10.40 am to 10.50 am, visit to the toilet and drinking water. The children are not allowed to go and play at this time. Lunch Break: The children are not allowed to go to play during the first 15 minutes. Teachers are on field supervision duty during this time. Last Break: The break is a short one from 2.20 to 2.25.

5. How many working days in a week ?

All the classes have Monday to Friday schedule. Saturdays will be working days for classes V-XII unless otherwise informed.

6. What is the transportation facility ?

The buses leave the school only after a staff member checks that each child who ought to be on the bus has actually got on to the bus. A bus attendant appointed by the school is on duty on each bus. If your child travels by bus, do not leave the child unescorted at the bus stop in the mornings. Please be at the bus stop to pick up your child in the afternoon otherwise the attendant on duty on the bus will take the child back to the school and you will have to pick up the child from the school
Children who will either walk home or go home by their own transport are individually handed over to the family members who have come to pick them up.

7. What are Open House Days ?

To actively get involved in your child’s academics, the school has arranged a system of open house wherein you can meet all the subject teachers personally and interact with them regarding your concerns.

8. When can the parents meet the teachers ?
The parents can meet the teachers to discuss about your child on every Wednesdays 3.30 pm to 3.45pm.

9. What are special classes ?

The teachers choose students who need more care and attention in particular subjects and give them coaching individually. The concerned teachers will send a note to parents in the handbook for their consent on the days the class is arranged.

10. When should I check my child’s handbook ?

You have to check your child’s handbook every day without fail for effective parent teacher communication, homework or any notifications. You also have to fill Page No.123 every Monday which is a home evaluation.

11. What is the procedure for payment of fees ?

All school fees are collected through the School Office from 08.45 A.M to 03.45 P.M.. Delayed payment will be received with affine of Rs.5 per day of the same month. If paying by cheque, please make you have sufficient funds in the account.

12. Which is the language for communication in the campus ?

The language for communication is strictly English. Speaking mother tongue is not encouraged. Those who are found speaking in any regional language will be fined for Rs.10, minus point for the House and given twenty new words to study.