Welcome to Don Bosco Central School, Puthuppally………

Don Bosco, as the School is fondly called by the students, is currently situated right at the Centre of the town, Puthuppally. Educating the youth has always been at the heart of the philosophy of the Founder of the Salesians, St John Bosco. Don Bosco Central School is vibrant with the common ethos of the Salaesian Don Bosco University in Assam and numerous Colleges, Schools and other Educational institutions round the world.

A Custard –apple seed grows into a tree. It has to be properly planted, manured, watered and taken care of. In these favorable circumstances, it produces fruit. But, the tree has no choice! It cannot have an aim! What is within the seed develops. You also grow, yet you are different! You have freedom to build. Everything in nature grows! Everywhere in the world, we witness a phenomenal growth. The development in the field of science and technology is marvelous. It is unimaginable and tremendous. Similarly, the reason why you are here is to grow and develop into a total and integral human being. The growth does not take place automatically. One has to ensure his/her growth. It is a conscious choice one makes. Physical growth is automatic but not the human growth. The growth should be upward, not downward. It should be forward, not backward.
Schooling is a source of development. Not just cramming and forgetting. By wise discernment by reflection, you can build better you. You have to learn sharpen your intellect, refine and mature your emotions and exercise a strong will power, to do and to dare! You do not grow only as an individual, but as a member of society. You have to give returns to the society that built you up.
The only reason for you to be in the school is to grow. Grow in all the ways you can… Grow healthy… Grow stronger.. Grow wiser.. Grow intelligent… Grow spiritually… Grow morally…Grow as honest citizens and good human beings… Continue to grow everyday and everywhere…

Fr.George Vellakadyail Sdb
Don Bosco Central School,
Puthuppally P.O, Kottayam – 686 011
Mob: 9447249489