Don Bosco Central School at Puthuppally, Kottayam , is a Christian minority institution under the management of the Salesians of Don Bosco fathers of Sacred Heart Province, Bangalore, who run several educational institutions of National and International repute. The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi with recognition up to Class XII. We provide each student with an enjoyable educational experience designed to aid them to grow and become a caring, thoughtful, principled, and socially well behaved human being. It nurtures a spirit of inquisitiveness and delight in learning.
Don Bosco Central School is an ideal place for the students to showcase their talents in an unfettered manner to their optimal degree of performance. It is committed to the achievement of high standards in all areas of the curriculum and to that end the school provides a caring and supportive atmosphere that allows children to thrive academically. Here the students are encouraged to be enduring, creative, reflective and motivated learners where their Individual talents are identified and nourished. Apart from a rigorous academic program, co-curricular and extracurricular activities empower them with a holistic education, making them competitive. The school also upholds and imparts moral values deeply embedded in Indian tradition which has greatly made an impact in our society.

About us
Don Bosco Central School, Puthuppally is unique. It is more than a school; it is a family. We follow the preventive system of St. John Bosco, which is based on reason, religion and above all, loving kindness. It brings together educators and youngsters in a family experience of trust and dialogue. As educational institutions of a minority community, these schools enjoy all the relevant rights and duties enshrined in the Indian Constitution.

How it all began
The school was first started in July 2010 by Salesians of Don Bosco with 283 students who changed over to CBSE syllabus from Don Bosco School(state syllabus) which had more than 1800 students. It is the first school of the Sacred Heart Province of Bangalore that follow CBSE syllabus. Today the school is still ‘owned’ and managed by the Kottayam Don Bosco Society.

What we believe
Don Bosco School realizes the goal of the integral education of its pupils following the method of education of Don Bosco, which is based on the Christian vision of the human person, of life and of the world. It strives to enable youth to be active participants in the transformation and progress of society. From the beginning we have been dedicated to educating students for life, challenging them to fulfil their individual potential in a stimulating learning environment which fosters high moral and ethical standards, developing a sense of awareness for the world around them.

Maintaining the highest academic and moral standards
Don Bosco School is non-elitist and decidedly affirms its option for the most needy youth. A full time school, it aims at blending work and study with artistic, recreational, cultural, religious and .social activities, adopting the latest educational innovations with a view to helping pupils keep abreast of the cultural and technological progress in the contemporary world. In collaboration with other schools in the country, the Don Bosco School strives to realize the ideals of a complete education as epitomized by so many sages of our homeland.

We understand that each student is an individual with different needs
Don Bosco School fosters the overall growth and maturity of its pupils primarily by:
Helping each pupil to discover and improve his/her physical, intellectual and emotional gifts and developing his/her ethical sensitivity and sense of the transcendent. Inculcating a healthy respect for all religions. Helping the pupils to discover and realize their own goals in life. Inculcating an appreciation of cultural values through exposure to our Indian cultural heritage, and arousing social awareness with a view to helping youth to function in a responsible and constructive manner. Emphasizing liberty, justice, solidarity and peace, which are urgent, personal and social needs.

We take an inclusive approach to development and as a result, we integrate students with special needs into everyday mainstream school life and age-appropriate classroom environments wherever possible. Don Bosco School gives importance to planning and team effort