Teachers Day-2017

The programme started with invoking Lord Almighty’s presence and a soulful prayer song. The students of class X had arranged a wide array of programme’s including a dance, a group song, skit and a magic show. It was a visual treat for the teachers. There was also an inspiring message delivered by Rev. Fr. Benny Neeliyara, Rector and Manager of the school and Rev. Fr. George V. L, Principal of Don Bosco Central School. Students had also arranged fun-filled and engaging games for the teachers. Teachers enthusiastically participated in all the games set up for them. Teachers were also presented with a token of love and appreciation on part of the school management. The day was made extremely special for the teachers by a magnanimous effort on the part of the students under constant guidance of Rev. Fr. George V. L, Principal, DBCS.

The teachers also celebrated the teacher’s day. It was arranged in one of the K.G classrooms of the school. A small programme was planned and executed. An effort to spend some quality time together was enjoyed and appreciated by all teachers. Games and other fun activities were arranged. Teachers sang songs together, shared experiences and had a good time. The gathering was graced by the presence of Rev. Fr. Benny Neeliyara, Rector and Manager of the institution. Rev. Fr. George V. L, Principal of the school, shared an inspiring presentation mentioning the importance of teamwork and unity. The management had arranged for tea and snacks for the teaching and non-teaching community. All in all day marked to be a momentous day for all teachers of Don Bosco Central School.