Rubella Measles Vaccination Programme

Rubella Measles Vaccination Programme

Rubella Measles Vaccination Programme initiated by the Joint Cooperation of Human Resource Department and the Central Ministry of Health was decided to organise in Don Bosco Central School on October 05th 2017, Thursday by the Health Personnel of Public Health Centre, Puthuppally.

Awareness Programme

A meeting was convened for the parent community of the School on 23rd September 2017 Saturday between 09.30 am to 10.30 am by the Medical Staff of PHC Puthuppally to give awareness on the importance of administering the vaccine to the children of age group 9 months to 15 years. The medical officer Mr. Lal Antony spoke about the false ideas many of the parents keep in their minds regarding the vaccination programme. He mentioned how the vaccination could help in eradicating both these diseases. Parents were also given opportunity to voice their concerns and doubts regarding vaccination. The Medical Officer clarified all their doubts before concluding the meeting at 10.45 am.

Vaccination Programme

On Oct 03, students of classes LKG to Class X were sent along a consent form to be read and signed by the parents and return with the students on 04th October.  On October 05th 2017 Thursday from 09.30 vaccinations was given to students who came with the consent from the parents. Students without the consent from the parents were not given the same. The medical personnel who came for the programme were around 24 of them including 1 doctor, 9 female nursing staff and other health workers. The vaccination programme got over by around 1.30 pm. Class teachers were asked to fill in the forms of their respective classes wherein details about number of students vaccinated and number of students unvaccinated were to be entered.